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The General Assembly of Virginia directs the Commonwealth Transportation Board with assistance from the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI), to conduct a comprehensive review of statewide transportation needs in a Statewide Transportation Plan – VTrans. The development of VTrans2040 was initiated in spring 2014. Since then, the approach has focused on the production of two companion statewide planning documents:

VTrans2040 Vision
VTrans2040 Multimodal Transportation Plan (VMTP).

Each planning document includes multiple components, all interrelated and connected to the VTrans vision, goals, and objectives. 

The VMTP Needs Assessment analyzed Virginia’s multimodal transportation capacity and operations needs at three travel market scales and included a statewide assessment of safety needs. The Executive Summary, linked below, explains the VMTP process further.


The next phase of the VMTP is the development of the Draft 2025 Recommendations. First, the over 800 statewide needs from the Needs Assessment were consolidated across travel markets, resulting in170 total consolidated needs statewide. The next step combined a data-driven “criticality assessment” of the consolidated Needs with an outreach process to regional and local stakeholders and public on the correlation of each Need with VTrans goals and the importance and urgency of each Need to individual regions.  The result of this process was to classify the Consolidated Needs into three tiers.  The tiering of Needs was reviewed by VDOT and DRPT and confirmed with Commonwealth Transportation Board members in each region.  From these tiered needs, Draft Recommendations were developed that were summarized by VDOT District. The map and tables below show the Consolidated Needs and links to the latest draft documentation of Project Recommendations for each District.  Please see the survey link below to provide comments on the recommendations.

Click on a VDOT District below and a pop up box will show links to the draft recommendations and presentation materials from the regional open houses.  The materials for each district include:

  1. Regional Presentation: The regional presentation is a copy of the slides that were presented each regional meeting.  The presentation explains the VMTP process and how the recommendations were developed. (Winter 2017)
  2. Presentation Boards:  The display boards used in the regional Open House meetings.  (Winter 2017)
  3. Needs Summary:  A one page summary of each regional need, as well as the funded and recommended projects that address this need.  (March 2017)
  4. Project Recommendations:  Lists and 2-page descriptions of the project recommendations identified during the VMTP process.  These projects are either existing unfunded projects or projects developed during the VMTP process.  (Updated for 2017 CTB Fall Transportation Meetings).

Please check the site often as the current materials are draft, and will be uploaded as additional updates and final recommendation reports are developed.