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Vision Plan | Multimodal Transportation Plan


 What is VTrans?


   Trends Analysis




The world is changing rapidly, and future travel behavior is more difficult to predict than ever. Trends that were historically related, such as economic growth and vehicle miles of travel, are now diverging as generational preferences, technological capabilities and economic drivers re-shape travel demand, influence transportation needs and overturn long- standing assumptions about travel behavior. In order to better understand the forces shaping future transportation needs, the VTrans2040 planning process began with a review of trends, including economic, technological, environmental and demographic/social trends. By understanding these trends, we can better frame the future of transportation demand and travel behavior in Virginia.

“Demographic and market studies consistently show that workers in the 21st century economy prefer walkable communities that are served by rail and public transit, as well as roads. If we want to cultivate this work force, which we need to do, we need to get ahead of these trends.”
Governor McAuliffe
June 18, 2014